Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Huggies Denim Diaper

Hey Bloggers!

My inspiration: It actually came from the huggies denim diaper commercial that I saw on T.V. when I was getting dressed. WEIRD! right? Plus I am going out to dinner and want something summery that doesn't show an excessive amount of skin.

The dress pulls away from the body creating the effect that I actually have a butt

It has gorgeous detail on the chest that draws the eyes upward

Where to Buy my Outfit
Dress: Forever21
Cardigan:Zanana Outfitters
Sandals: GoJane
Bracelet: Forlove21

This denim dress is amazing. When I bought it, it was on sale for 15 dollars and it was exactly what I had been searching for. Plus it has the added bonus of having pockets with I personally love, since I like to keep my phone on me when I'm not carrying a purse.

-an ensemble a day keeps the fashion police away


Milda said...

The dress looks so cute on you!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! But I really love that dress! And those sandals are amazing!


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

OMG, that denim diaper commercial was hilarious! And I don't know if the commercial itself is funnier, or the fact denim diapers actually exist!

I like how you cas'd out the dress with the top underneath - I think it looks youthful, cute and fun!

stylefyles said...

Love that dress!!!! I spotted it at F21 and considered it, but I've put myself on a mini shopping freeze....I've got a birthday and wedding heavy autumn coming up, and then holidays! Glad to see someone scored that dress, though. It's super cute!

Justine said...

Thanks for following my blog!

Did you tuck in the cardi? Love the dress on you!

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